This was a fantastic conference. The lineup of speakers was diverse and of high caliber. It was an amazing opportunity to get an inside viewpoint on the business of Pet Writing and even have one-on-one discussions with pet publishing leaders. Well done, Charlotte Reed! I'll be signing up for next year as soon as registration opens!

- Lauren Darr

Presently, we are working to secure speakers for our 2013 Business of Pet Writing Conference. Below please find the 2012 conference schedule.
Saturday, February 11, 2012
7:00-8:00am Check-in, Registration and Breakfast
8:15-9:00am Keynote Address: Key Issues in Animal Welfare by Co-Founder Betsy Saul
9:10-10:00am Swimming Upstream: How to Build Your Brand in the Digital Pet Space
10:10-11:00am Select One: How to Create Compelling Video or Introduction to Travel Writing
11:10 - 12:00pm Select One: What's the Real Value of a Facebook Fan? or Twitter for Writers
12:00-1:00pm Networking Lunch
1:10-2:00pm Select One: Authors on Writing or Learn to Pitch Pet Websites for Profit
2:10-3:00pm Select One: Reporting on Breaking News or Legal Issues in Social Media
3:00-3:20pm Coffee Break, sponsored by Dyson
3:20-4:10pm Preventive Veterinary Healthcare Seminar
4:15-4:55pm Select One: LinkedIn or E-Book Insights
4:55-5:00pm Conference Conclusion

Keynote: Key Issues in Animal Welfare
The relatively new field of animal welfare and its rapidly advancing ethic has paved the way for many new industries, including pet literature and animal news. Pet writers, in turn, continue to be one of the most important catalysts for lasting change, fueling an ever-increasing ethical literacy in their communities. Betsy's keynote address will celebrate our mutual successes in animal welfare and spotlight some hot issues to keep your eye on in the coming years.

Presented by
Betsy Saul, Founder

Swimming Upstream: How to Build Your Brand in the Digital Pet Space
In today’s digital marketplace, fragmentation and clutter make it increasingly more complicated to get your message out to readers. Furthermore, there are endless ways to consume content. How can you ensure that your message will resonate? There is no definite answer, but there are several steps you can take to build an audience and become an authority.

Presented by
Charlie Arcella, NBC Universal

Creating Compelling Video
More video content is uploaded online in 60 days than the three major U.S. television networks have created in 60 years! Futhermore, 35 hours of new video are uploaded to online video sites every minute. With statistics like this, it is no surprise that even the most compelling videos often get lost in the shuffle. Doug Simon will provide attendees with a comprehensive review of proven techniques to create, distribute and market high-impact online video to amass views and drive results. Attendees will learn tricks of the trade of video production, marketing and search engine optimization so that they can successfully integrate online video into ongoing marketing and branding activities.

Presented by
Doug Simon

Introduction to Travel Writing
In this seminar, Ms.Sorensen will fully discuss the travel writing market. She will speak about the inner workings of the field, and how travel editors think and what they want from writers. AnnaLiese will also review the critical role of pitch letters and will teach you about opportunities for publishing online.

Presented by AnneLise Sorensen

What's the Real Value of a Facebook Fan?
Everyone is on a mission to build a fan base on social media. But what do you turn that fan base into regular site visitors? Lana will go over best practices to develop a relationship with your Social Media audience, covering strategies and tools to keep them engaged. She will discuss how to convert that engagement into views for your site and turn your audience into ambassadors for your brand.

Presented by
Lana Vitsup, NBC Universal

Authors on Writing
In this panel, participants will discuss the art and craft of writing about pets. They will talk about writing proposals, self-publishing, working with editors and illustrators and promoting their works.

Presented by Robert Vetere,
Maureen Sullivan and Kit Feldman

How to Pitch Pet Websites
During this session Ms. Segrest will teach the basics of fine-tuning your ideas, pitching queries and getting assignments with new sites. She will cover: Choosing the Publications to Pitch – Deciding what kind of writing you want to be doing and deciding where you want your work to live; Refining Your Ideas – Tips on making sure the topics you are pitching are in top shape; Pitching Basics – 5 things to keep in mind when approaching any publication; Delivering Copy That Will Get You More Assignments – Tips on how to be the kind of writer that editors want to work with; and Professional Presentation – How to share your work in an appealing and easy-for-the-editor-to-handle way.

Presented by
Susan Segrest

Twitter for Writers
For writers, Twitter can be a powerful tool because it can help you establish your authority and become a true Twitter leader in your field. Moreover, Tweeting can help you promote and conduct research for your writing. In this seminar, Stephanie will show you how to connect with more people, to find subjects of interest and sources for your work, to engage and to establish Twitter parties and Twitter Events, to learn about live tweeting events as well as how to effectively tweet with pictures or video. Additionally, Stephanie can provide advice about organizing and scheduling.

Presented by
Stephanie Schwab

Reporting Breaking News
The goal of the seminar is for you to develop the skills necessary to report and write basic news stories for various media audiences – traditional and electronic – as well as basic ethical standards. It emphasizes the obligation of the professional journalist to cover the news with fairness, balance, accuracy and credibility. Video components will also be discussed.

Presented by
Wendy Gillette

Legal Issues in Social Media
Our speaker provides a discussion of legal issues that are present and may arise while using social media.

Presented by
Gary A. Kibel, Esq.

Preventive Veterinary Healthcare Seminar
Recent studies show that as a result of declining veterinary visits, some pets are not receiving the necessary healthcare that they need. Some factors that have influence pet owners decision to limit their vet visits include: the current state of the economy and the availability of information on the Internet. In this panel discussion, learn how pet owners can work with their veterinarians to achieve optimal pet health.

Presented by
Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, ACVIM

As a writer, your success in tapping in to LinkedIn’s rich source of contacts, business connections and industry intelligence depends on your comfort level with the platform itself. It is a tool with powerful networking abilities. Ana will review the basics (LinkedIn Launch) and/or the advanced functionality (LinkedIn Advanced) and show you how it works to sell you, market your writing and to strengthen your relationships. With Linked In, be more visible and be more aware of writing opportunities.

Presented by
Ana Quillinan

E-Book Insights
The eBook market is rapidly evolving, and a lot of publishing companies are offering e-book deals bundled into their print book publishing packages. In this seminar, Dogwise Publisher, Larry Woodward, provides pet writing conference attendees with tips about publishing e-book.

Presented by
Larry Woodward